Tips on planning kid’s party

Planning a child’s party can be the hardest thing to do if carers/parents do not have an understanding of what the child wants. Parents get confused about what to do for their children’s party and tend to forget it is their child’s party and not theirs. Here are some tips in planning your child’s party:

  • For a 1 year old party, make sure you child have enough sleep and rest before the party, this reduces the child being tried, clingy and crying during the party.
  • Make the party time and duration of the party child friendly. Do not start a child’s party at 4.00pm and finish at 11.00pm. Must children are tried and want to sleep by then.
  • Ensure the food and drinks are child friendly. Provide enough finger foods and child size bite food for children. If you are providing hot food, plates and cutleries should not be soft paper plate as this makes it difficult for children to carry their food.
  • Activities and entertainment should be based around what the celebrant like and enjoy. You will be surprised that it does not necessary cost a fortune to have the entertainments your child want for his or her birthday party.
  • Finally, look at things from a child’s view. Remember it is not the parents party but the child’s party.
  • We have children party planners to help you organise your child’s party. Send your enquiries to