Children Spring/Summer Safety

As the spring and summer season begins, it is important to keep the children safe during the season to have an enjoyable one. Here are some tips to help you.

  • Ensure the garden grass is cut to help reduce the risk of the poisinous plants that may have grown during winter, dangerous object that may be in the high grass and reduce insect such as bees from coming into the garden.
  • Where necessary, use the right allergies medication for your children. All medication should be prescribed by the GP or phamacist.
  • Use the right sun cream for children. The recommended sun cream type by cancer research should be no less than factor 15.
  • Wear the right clothing for children at all times. Hats and cotton cloths are suggested. Parents should ensure that children wear the right clothing to bed to prevent heat rash or high temprature.
  • Give lots of water. Babies and toddlers most especially, as their language is limited, they need more water than most children.
  • Enjoy the weather, keep an eye on the children and ENJOY! ENJOY! and ENJOY IT!