Parenting, Looting and Riot

As the climate continues about parenting and the current 2011 London riot, it is very difficult not to write about parenting skills, confidence and self-esteem. It is a common fact that every animal has the nurture and natural skills needed in raising young ones. Birds, turtle, penguins, whales and many more animals raise their infant in the natural way that their understanding seem to permit. When there is influence on parenting and parents are controlled or their hands are tied on how to raise their children, things like the 2011 London riot take place.

Of cause it is a known fact that some parents may need guidelines on parenting and raising up young children; However, it is important to identify that only positive support from competent professionals and not the influencing, telling or controlling of parents behaviour with their children will make the difference. Positive parenting should be praised, which include guidelines, boundaries, punishment and praise for children; however were necessary, constructive support should be giving to parents that may need help. In most cases, children need more guidelines than parents and it is important for the government to get the balance right. Protecting children is very important but it is important that parents do not get too scared in telling their children off. If the balance is not right, another riot involving children and teens will take place over and over again.