Emotional and Professional Childcare

Several people has worked up to me and requested I help them in setting up a childcare business because they are a mother or grandmother. They have the experience of looking after children and may have some money to invest in a business. They naturally feel because they are mothers or grandmothers, it should be natural for them to have a childcare business. What is my stance on this?

I believe it is great to have individuals that are passionate about caring for children in the childcare business. However, I feel it is important to separate the emotional side of childcare  from the professional side. Emotional childcare is when we look after our own biological children or relatives children. Our emotions and feelings are involved because we believe to know the best for them. We judge our biological children every day through their actions and behaviour and tend to have the last say on what experiences impact their life. Caring for children professionally is about encouraging children, providing various activities and experience for them and not judging them but accepting them for who they are. Parents care for children emotionally while childcare practitioners care for children professionally.

It is important to separate the emotion from the profession when going into a childcare business or aim to have more of the professional side than the emotional side. It is said ‘to care for children like they are yours’ but do remember to have the professional hat on when in a childcare business. I am not saying mothers or grandmothers can not go into the childcare business. I am a mother myself but do get the right business support, information, qualification and professional experience that well help your childcare business stand out. Eden Mobile Creche provides childcare business support that can help  towards your dream childcare business. Our Franchise opportunities are also available.