Technology & Children

Having so many different forms of technology, out there, to aid children’s learning is quite remarkable and children as little as little are making use of techno gadgets. Personally, my children the oldest 6 and the youngest 2, have become confident in using gadgets such as the ipad, blackberry, dsi, wii, playstaion & the list goes on. Helping them in becoming confidence with these techno gadgets is quite important as this is were the world is heading. Schools are also heading towards using more technology is classes and within the school environment.

ipad has a lot of children activities for FREE download, which can be educational or adventurous. Amazon kindle can also be used to encourage reading with children. Lots of the technology gadget  companies such as Blackberry, Samsung and acer also have tablets that can be educational and improve your child’s ICT skills. The old family desk top computer is always a good place to start encouraging your child, if they have not already started.

Helping your child develop ICT skills is part of today’s parenting skills and should not be left for the teacher or the schools to implement. Start the ICT ball rolling in your child. However, be in control and have on all the parental control and anti-virus system/soft wear.