The Key note to a mobile creche is……..

When planing to use a mobile creche service, it is important to have some information ready before booking the creche service. Such information include the venue of where the event will take place, number of children that will be making use of the creche, ages of children coming to the creche and how many hours the creche will be needed for. All these information helps in providing you with the right quote and meeting your personal budget.

A Creche service is used for meeting the needs of short term child care. In most cases, a mobile creche service should include staff to look after the children, toys, activities, equipment, insurance risk assessment and venue analysis. OFSTED registration is not mandatory when providing a creche service but it is essential for every staff to be CRB checked or police checked for the safety and security of the children. Some other creche service comes with only the staff but this is down to the clients personal needs.


Mobile Creche services are used for different events and occasions in order to meet the need of quick and easy childcare needs. A mobile creche is a very successful way of meeting short term childcare needs especially for organisations, companies and corporate events that want to involve  families with children into their products and services. It is however important to identify that the key note to having a good turn out for a mobile creche provision is advertising the service right from the beginning of the event planning. When planning an event, the provision of a mobile creche to customers or clients should be part of the event planning and organisation. When the posters, advert or news that an event is taking place is out and parents, families and children are part of the audience, a mobile creche service can help boast the turn out  but if the provision of a creche service is not advertised well for the event the turn out can be low and disappointing. This in turn makes the event planners feel the mobile creche service did not work but they might not
recognise that their approach to the mobile creche provision was late and not decisive. The provision of a creche service works well by identifying on time that you event is targeted at parents, families and children.

Eden Mobile Creche provides a professional creche service and we will be happy to provide you a personal service to meet your needs.