I have seen lots of parents, childcare organisation, companies and initiatives with great ideas and action plan in implementing the aims or goals of their business. After a few try or gos they become tired, compliance and lack the drive in carrying on the idea, thinking there will be instance result. Sometimes these ideas and action plans fail to work because of change of environment, family dynamics or organisational re-structure or management. However, most people fail to realise that being consistent plays a great deal in ensuring an idea or action plan working. An example is, in an organisation that has just appointed a new set of staff management team, rather than identify what have worked priviously and fouse or build on it, instead old ideas are strapped because it was from someone else and new ones are put in place. In my point, this does not help the busines but rather set it back.


When you think of it, Consistency is ensuring ideas and action plans becomes part of daily routines, words and actions. Parents try different parenting ideas and strategies on how to relate to their children but no matter how these ideas are great if there is no consistency, the ideas or strateries may possible not work. Childcare nurseries and school organisation tend to fail with their action plans, ideas and stratagies when there is no consistency with the introduction of new management team.

For there to be consistency with your parenting or childcare business ensure:

  • New ideas and strategies are realistic in implementing.
  • Have a review on how the ideas, action plan and strategies are progressing.
  • To identify what works and stick with it.
  • If strategies, ideas and action plans give positive result make it part of the ethos and values of your childcare business.
  • There is always room for improvement.

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