Expiry Dates and Cupboard Medication

Has it happened to you before that your child had a temperature and you got kids paracetamol out of your kitchen cupboard without checking the expiry date. OR all the medication your child gets, from visiting the Doctor when ill, has just been dump in the kitchen cupboard after the child gets better.

I recently cleared my kitchen cupboard and found paracetamol with date 2008 and medication that had expired 2 years ago. I know some parents are very good with keeping up to date with this. But for some us who have to juggle so many things with being a parent, STOP! today to have a look at your medication cupboard and you might just find a medicine that should have been thrown in the bin 2 years ago. There are different In-Use shelf-life date for different medication that has no expiry date. This varies from 4 weeks to 1 year so ensure you know the shelf-life of all your children medication ans if not sure, BIN IT! 

Let me know the most expiry medicine you find in those medication cupboard in your homes.