Branding for Start up Business

I was recently asked to give a talk on how branding can help SME businesses. A good brand is there to make known the service, product or company that is being sold to client. When starting a business, there were several steps to take on how to develop the process of company branding. Some aspect of branding a company involves:

1) The company logo: For a SME or newly developed company, it is important that the logo help identify what the company does and also reflect who and what the company is about. For big companies, years of being in the market has helped make their logo recognizable, but for newly developed companies ensuring that the services provided can be identified from the logo or name of your company is an important aspect of your public recognition.

2) The slogan: your company slogan indicates what the company is about and provide clients with an ethos of the company. It is a component that helps the company standout within the business community and also reflect the unique selling point.

3) Sign post: most business tend to have business cards as the first marketing material. This can help in leaving your company’s footprint or sign post in different location and places. I have heard people say ‘have seen your card somewhere’ through this process of branding.

4) Social media: can help SME business with it’s branding. It shows your company is keeping up with the IT and technology time. QR codes are inexpensive and a great way to branding your business. Introduced is QR codes to all our marketing materials.


  • Do not keep changing your logo or slogan.
  • Make your logo or slogan easy, memorable and reflect what you actually sell or do.
  • Think of what makes your services and product Unique from the competition by enhancing and using it as a selling point.
  • Getting the right brand create a good image for your company, opening business door to sales and profit.
  • The person behind the branding is important with SME: SME branding is about the owner, how you interact with clients, if clients like your personality/person, developing relationship, showing passion & commitment for what you do and delivering fantastic customer service. SME branding is about being human because your human customers will appreciate you for it.