Options OR Choices Can Help Manage Children’s Behaviour

Managing children‘s behaviour can be overwhelming, stressful and sometimes difficult for parents to deal with. As a parent myself, I have to use several techniques and be creative in dealing with my children’s behaviour. Being creative in dealing with children’s beahviour is needed because:

  • Children grow and develop daily.
  • Children learn to predict and expect their parents next action.
  • Different circumstance, experience and issues require new behaviour management.
  • Personality varies from one child to the next.
  • How each child will react and deal with situations varies.

One technique that has somehow being able to do the magic in managing most children’s behaviour, in my personal and professional life, are options or choices. Providing children with options/choices gives them the impression they are in control and are making the decision.

Children’s Behaviour

When providing children with a option/choice:

  • Ensure the one option is more of a high gamble for the child e.g. ”You either sit down nicely or I switch off the T.V./Game, “You go to the toilet for a wee-wee or I switch off the T.V., “You finish your food or you will not be having desert”.
  • Maintaining and getting your child’s attention is essential. It is important that there are no distractions so as to give the impression on how serious this decision is for them.

It is important to note that when your child decide to take the option with the higher gamble, make sure you follow up on it. This may be difficult but this shows you mean business, but most importantly, it shows you are helping to develop your child’s behaviour positively.  At the same time, you as a parent are using different techniques to deal with confronting situation.

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