Am I a good parent?

Of cause every parent try their possible best to impact on their child’s life positively. Some parents are natural at being parents, while others do their best and others are crying out for help. As parents I feel we all need some help at some stage regardless of if we are the best or worse parent. Getting help can be direct or indirectly. Direct help can involve asking support from a professional childcare practitioner be it a counsellor, teacher, educationalist, nursery nurse etc.  Indirect help can involve learning from other parents, friends or families experiences on how they dealt with certain issues with their children. You have not ask for help directly but from what was shared you were able to pick one or two things that could help your parenting skills.Parent.Child

I asked the question, Am I a good parent? My definition of a good parent, for today, is someone that can reflect on their parenting skills. See what is working and what is not and is willing to improve on it. We all aim to be the perfect parent but if you do not reflect on your parent skills, you and your child might be heading for troubled times ahead. Reflecting on your parenting skills can include:

  • Changing the way you talk to your child as he/she develops. Is it that you were quite soft but now you need to be firm or you were quite firm but now you need to negotiate.
  • Listening to your child’s opinion, sharing yours and concluding on the one that best suite your child at this point in time.

Reflecting on our parenting skills helps us to become better parents and helps us to develop, knowing we are making progress for ourselves and children’s seek.

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