Because it’s Kid Cartoon, Does not mean it’s Right.

As a parent you have sat down with your children, at one point, and watched their cartoon programme and you thought, is this cartoon for kids? You have been in the kitchen or doing something around the house and heard what is being said in the supposed children’s  cartoon and you wonder, “am I hearing right”. Well, it has happened to me several times when I have sat with the children or listened to what is been said in their cartoon programme and I have not being happy. Sometimes it seem so sexual, sometimes is seem so anti-parent and other times it seem the focus is so magic oriented. Am I saying majority of children cartoons are like this, of cause not. What am saying is that as parents we need to know and understand what our children are watching. Not because it’s children cartoon does not mean it’s right for the children to watch.

There are a few children cartoon programme I have enjoyed watching such as:

And my favourite kids’ movies UP, Toy Story and Nemo

I enjoy these kids cartoons because they focus, 85% of the time, on teaching children positive aspect of relationships, morals, respects and life in general.

My suggestions:

  • Ensure the cartoon is age appropriate. This means, although a children’s cartoon may be for a certain age, ensure the content is right for your child.
  • Sit down with your child to sometimes watch their cartoon and identify if they are learning something positive or negative.
  • If you need to explain something that is being said in the cartoon, do so.
  • Ensure you explain to your child that this is fiction and may not happen in reality.