There’s Time for Everything

In line with my choosing title, some months back, I was having a class room base conversation with a group of pre-teen children (10-12 year olds). Our discussion was based on morals and rules. From the feed back I was getting from them, I suddenly asked them to indicate by a raise of hand, how many of them where on Facebook. About 65% raised their hands and I was taken aback by this due to the conversation being in a Christian base environment. I asked if their parents where aware and the response was not a definite NO or YES. As most of you are aware, Facebook rule indicate that no one below the age of 13 years is allowed to have an account on it social media page and from this my little survey, this was in contradiction to the rule stipulated. This got me thinking that why are children in such a hurry to grow up, rather than understand that there is time for everything. Is it because the parents are not setting down strong ground rules for their children or children feel they are old enough to make decisions by themselves when they get to a certain age.

My thoughts; I think it is important that we as parents in-still in our children that there is time for everything. Helping them to time for everythingunderstand that rules such as the age restriction on Facebook and other social media website is there for a certain reason. Why they cannot have certain phones, gadgets at a particular age or why they need to be at home at certain time or not visit friends for sleep over. I understand some children are way more matured than their chronological age but as the parent/carer we still have a duty and responsibility over our children. Explaining to our children that rules are there for certain reasons such as to protect them, making them responsible citizens and developing stage-by-stage ensures we do not put the cart before the horse. We do not want to rush our children into teenagers and our teenagers into adults, through our actions, as this may result in mental health, self-harm, child-abuse, child-prostitution, debt or so much more. We need to ensure that children understand that there is a time and place for everything, and not that they will not be taking part in all the fun but the time has to be right.

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