“Curiosity Does Not Kill The Cat”

It’s being said that “curiosity kills the cat”, which in other term means you should not get involved in what is not your business or not touch what you are not meant to touch (as with children). However, curiosity did not kill the cat when Humphry Davy started the process of the creating the light bulb that only took Thomas Edison 10,000, 000 attempts in getting it right or John Peake Knight inventing the traffic light. It was curiosity that made Alfred Nobel invented dynamite, which can be debated if this actually killed the cat or not.

In this respect, curiosity enhances creativity and imagination in children. Willard Wigan, the famous miniature artist once said it was his mother’s encouragement to stay curios that encouraged him to creating miniature art work that now earn him millions of ££££££. I came across the story of Mayhem on facebook and was so inspired by what a mum is able to do with her daughter’s curiosity. In her case, curiosity did not kill the cat but rather developed into this playful high fashion creativity (well done Mayhem mum).

Curiosity does not kill the cat when children and teenagers creative ideas are being feed and developed by positive adults. However, curiosity can kill the cat when creativity is not channelled the right way or falls into the wrong hands.

This topic was inspired by ….

Keep being curious, refusing to be put in a box.


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