Having The Right Strategy In Place

Having the right systems in place for your childcare business involves:

  1. Getting the right people for the job.
  2. Paying your staff.
  3. Staff feel appreciated and heard.
  4. Getting the cash flow needed for the business.
  5. Responding correctly to client complains.
  6. Getting paid for the services or product provided.
  7. Service carried out is not seen as a bad business for the company.
  8. Client get the best service.
  9. All T’s being crossed and I’s dotted.
  10. Business growth.
    business strategy|renny adejuwon|childcare consultancy

Strategies and systems are important for any business this include any childcare business. I have come across childcare business owners with the professional background but illiterate with the business management side. I have also come across childcare business owners with the business management background but illiterate with the childcare side.

Business in childcare can be complicated but also straight forward when you get the right strategies in place. It’s like a dancer who is perfect in street dancing but enters a ballroom or tap dance competition without having the right dance strategies. Put your strategies in place!

  • Get an administrator for the admin job;
  • Get childcare practitioners for the childcare jobs,
  • Get an accountant for the accounting and see where the business lead you.

Will you have to do some of these jobs yourself in the first instance, of cause. However, with the right strategies in place, the foundation of the business is heading in the right direction.