My Children Taught Me How To Swim

Most parent I know cherish those moments when their children rely on them for every thing. Your child looks up to you before he/she can walk, use the toilet, eat, stand, go to a friend’s house, ride a bike, read a book, learn how to spell a word or even the meaning and may I include swim. You show and tell them this is how it’s done, your own way most importantly.

It then gets to the stage, this child of yours start taking the step of not needing your hands to walk. S/he can take those toddle walk independently, sound those letters out phonetically and then spell the word; Discover word meaning in the dictionary but realise that the words does not only mean the one explained but has several meanings. For example sake, ‘BITCH’ the female dog but also have another meaning or ‘SEX’ the gender of being male and female but also have another meaning. They move from the stage of needing to hold unto your shoulders when swimming and splashing, to the stage of leaving you behind in the pool after attending swimming lessons you paid for and getting so good at swimming. This was the stage I found myself and said “Oh No! No! No! this is not happening”, taking myself back to school to add swimming school to my learning activities.

Don’t get me wrong, I did swim as a child. However, when the strategies and techmother and babies swimmingniques used where self-taught and competition is now with expect, I must say, this is the time to go back to school and learn the right way. Within six months of my children becoming confident in swimming and the incident of being left behind in the pool I told myself it time for adult swimming school. It took me about another six months to make the contact with the swim school and I will say the rest is history.

With the help of a float, my swimming style now include butterfly, front crawl and doggy paddle, independently. I must say the swim pool is more enjoyable. My children taught me how to swim and I thank them for the indirect motivation. Don’t just be the parent also be the child and be taught, you never know where it will lead.

A BIG! thank you to Kays Adult Swim for giving adults the second chance at leaning to swim.