Empowered Parents Become Positive Parents

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It’s concerning when children are still being taken wrongly from their parents or families, Read Real Stories. This can be due to professionals listening to one side of the story or not carrying out a full and proper investigation. It is heartbreaking for parents who truly and genuinely love their children not being heard, forgetting there is two sides to a story and children having different personalities.

Children/Family Professionals are to work together with parents networking with them, empowering and guiding. We are not to scare parents or make them feel inadequate as parents.  Every parent need help and some more than others but professionals such as social workers, teachers, nursery nurse, childcare practitioners, doctors and health visitor should work together to empower parents and use the evidence provided to carry out every investigation necessary. As caring professionals, we are to look at the evidence and work together to help parents be their best, which in turn will help their children flourish, develop and grow.

Professionals working with children are to offer individual support to parent in need, not discriminate, stereotype or prejudge but to see the bigger picture. We have our ethics and research to guide us, to use our line of communication as team members with the main purpose of empowering families and not take children away from families.

I understand and identify there are irresponsible parents/families out there with the main purpose of  abusing and hurting children, Read NSPCC Case Studies. Some of these abuses/neglect can not be justified for any reason, however because of the childhood experiences or culture differences of some, parents fail to act out because they don’t want to be judged.

We as professionals are not there to judge but to help and support parents by using the laws, the research, and the legal power we have to make parenting better for parents.

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