Create Time

create time

Time is the most precious gift you can give to a child. Time to take them to the park, read story books, play and engage, talk and communicate, visit the cinema or museum, and take them on their various daily activities. Time is money and when you invest your time into your children, you are actually investing man hours, which is turn is money. Whatever characteristics or attributes that has  been deposited into your child is because someone or yourself spent time with him/her.

Parents are quick to say, “I do not have time” but what else do you have to give your child. It is not always about the Benjamin or the material stuff, of cause it helps. However, your TIME is the most expensive gift you can give your child. It is impossible to spend 24 hours of the day with your child, but when your attention is needed, do create the time.

  • Create time by revisiting that question your child wanted to ask but you were on the phone.
  • Create time by revisiting that TV programme your child was watching and you thought a need to revisit the subject matter for more discussing.
  • Create time, while in the kitchen or on the computer, by listening to the discussions your children are having.
  • Create time to read that bed time story book he/she has been asking you to read.
  • Create time to build that toy construction or tent house he/she wants you to play together on.

Because if you do not, you only have 12 years of that childhood experience. After which the teenage years follows. Then of cause the adulthood hits. What then do you have, memories of the TIME you spent together with your child. CREAT TIME!