Childcare Consultancy

Childcare Consultancy Service may include:

  • One-to-one bespoke consultancy and training for business, organisations and companies.
  • Focusing and exploring different steps needed in improving the services of any company or organisation.
  • Help with individual consultancy service and team building training services.
  • Work-Life Balance.
  • Providing support at the point where the client needs it the most.
  • Advice on the best possible childcare answers/suggestions for the client.
  • Help and support with OFSTED registration process, policies and paperwork.
  • Professional understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stage.
  • Support and guidance in childcare related courses and qualifications.
  • Support and guidance on getting OFSTED acceptable premises.
  • The differences between the childcare settings, what OFSTED wants from each and how to meet the requirements.

Who benefits from Childcare Business Consultancy?

  • Clients starting out in the childcare business.
  • Clients that have already started in the childcare business but need more structure, strategy and sale.
  • Childcare companies that want to improve practitioner moral.
  • Companies setting up childcare space or environment within their organisation.

Sessional rates depend on the individual needs and requirements of the client. Consultation is tailored to meet with professional needs or developmental stage of childcare business. Childcare consultancy can be based on a single session to help develop direct results and solutions or several sessions to help birth, develop and grow the childcare business of your reality.

Renny Adejuwon provides professional consulting services. As every client has different needs, she is there to offer support and help needed for each client.

“….Renny is a great manager, she knows how to deal in challenging situations.” S.A.

“Renny was called upon at short notice and carried out a professional service, she liaises appropriately with members of the management team and delivered to a high standard. I would recommend Renny’s service and shall not hesitate to use her services in the future.” Tara (Nursery Manager)

“Very satisfied with the service, any question related to childcare in the UK, Renny is my first choice.” Tariq (Norway)

“She is very specific and helpful” Bunmi O

“Thanks for your time on Tuesday. It was 2 hours well spent and am feeling confident things will go well” Daniella (Childcare Business Owner)

“Dear Renny, I got a very positive feedback for you, the ratio of the children was useful and the website you gave me if I want a contract, I have registered with them. Thank you and I really appreciate it.” O Savage

“I found your email very helpful, thank you. First creche is on Tuesday, I am sure I will be coming to you for advice again in the future. Thank you for help and sharing your details.” Amy (Childminder)

“Thank you, so much for your review, Renny….. It is so gratifying to know that people we don’t even know will offer to participate– because it is for children!” Judith

“Renny clearly demonstrates in-depth knowledge of childcare business development. She provides an honest, informed approach which is engaging and enables practitioners/business owners real insight in developing their childcare business. Thank you so much, Renny for your advice & support you provided to me.” Lorraine B

” I have had the privilege of engaging Renny in business and I find her quite innovative, creative and very committed to her vision. she is very detailed, reliable and she relates well with children. My engagement with her was real value for money! I will recommend her at any time.” Siji A

“A refreshing, energetic and interesting gathering of childcare minded businesses, which I am pleased to be part of.” Marvis W

Having read the different feedback from clients, getting the right consultant provides the feeling of starting a childcare business much more comfortable and straight forward. The consultancy contributes in making any childcare business dream a reality. High-quality standards are maintained resulting in a professional childcare business with confidence and a sense of direction.

Renny will work with you in identifying the right support you need for your child-related business. Her enthusiastic approach will inspire, motivate and help birth your childcare related business. Follow her on WordPress or LinkedIn.