Parenting quotes are simple ways of reminding us of the journey ahead and how we started as parents.

“If your child does not help in the home, how can he help in the greater society.”

“Snap out of the ‘my child is too cute to be a bully’ syndrome and deal with the situation before it gets out of control.”

“I have a dream that one day some nations of the world will stop judging children by the position their parents hold in society but rather, by what the child can contribute to society.”

“Action always speaks louder. Show your child in a good way, that you love her.”

‘Keep reminding your child of who she is every step of the way.”

“The same mouth the dog uses to play with its’ puppy is the same it uses to bit it.”

“As a teacher, get ready to live the MARMITE life. You are either LOVED or HATED. Get used to it. Marmite is good for you. So are teachers.”

“It’s a shame that as children get older the division of the sexes even starts showing in the birthday theme party.”

“There is a difference between liking and loving your child.”

“It is called ‘destruction of property’ when a child scribbles on a school wall. So, why allow the act at home?”

“Let your child know…. “Manners can take you far.”

“Help your child figure out the things you figured out late in life, early.”

“Here’s to chivalry and gentlemen. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”

“Having a favourite child can complicate the dynamic of a family unit.”

“The adult that does not get angry is the one with plenty children.”

“The foundation does affect the future.”

“Parenting is not about unnecessary discipline.”

“Do the very best you can in bringing up your child as mistakes are bound to happen.”

“Regardless of the year, decade or century, the concept of child’s play has not changed.”

Children’s right are great but without responsibilities the result is an entitled generation.

“Children need to know that anything can be used for good or bad. The intent behind it is what matters.”

“You do not have to be the perfect parent. Be the parent that your child needs.”

“Contrary to opinion, parental disagreements that take place in front of children should also be resolved in front of children.”

“Ingredients to raising children = Be fair + Be just – Double standards.”

“Doing everything for your child helps to develop their lack of independence.”

“As a parent I sometimes pretend to understand what my child is saying, when in fact, I have no clue.”

“Say one thing negative, positively about your child.”

“A parent has failed a child that constantly gets away with inappropriate behaviour. For the child’s sake, put in age appropriate rules and boundaries.”

“When a child is getting away with the wrong behaviour and you have a passion for children, it takes a whole lot of will power not to intervene.”

‘Play is a universal language. You can be the puppet in your child’s play.

“Watching cartoons when the kids are not around is no shame at all.”

trust and responsibility

“My growing child, with responsibility comes trust and with trust comes responsibility.”

children problem solve

“It is s a joy seeing children problem solve. It shows leadership and creativity.”

“Feed and build up the mindset of your child and reduce peer pressure to the minimal.”

child mindset

“Let your positive voice be the loudest in your child’s mind.”

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“No matter the love and support we give our children, they are still human beings and your are not their only influence” The Family That Prays

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“You dislike the parent does not mean you dislike the child. THAT IS CRUEL!”

right or easy thing/renny adejuwon/rennyadejuwon.com

“There is a difference between the right and the easy thing. The easy thing is not always right, and the right thing is not always easy to do.”

full stop|child abuse

“Because you survived abuse, does not make it right. Some children did not survive. Abuse is wrong, FULL STOP.”

keeping family together|family

“Keeping the family together, that’s difficult…..and it’s a mission worth fighting for.” Spy Kids

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“When we take offence with someone today, there will be no one to play with tomorrow.” Yoruba Proverb

family will|dysfunctional family|parenting |child guru

“….contested wills are the final battleground of a dysfunctional family.” Humans of New York

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“There is no home like the home you have cause that home belongs to you.” BOLT

flourishing child

“Fairness and the disappearance of double standards ensure that each child flourishes and thrives.”

childhood education

“Enjoy your childhood because you will never be that age again.”

childhood ice-cream

“i s-cream, you s-cream, we s-cream for ice-cream.”

happy child

“My happy place is right here, right now.”

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“A true friendship develops naturally and is not forced.”

separating a child's reality from imagination is like separating clay from dough

“Separating a child’s reality from imagination is like separating clay from dough.”

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“The ability to inspire learners is what I enjoy doing.”

child development|supporting children|help children

“Seeing my child shows I see the weakness and the struggles, and provide the support to work it through.”

untidy house|parenting support|family help|workshop for parents

“Being a perfectionist does not apply when it comes to children and a tidy house.”

connecting with families|family connection

“The ability to belong and connect is what makes us important.”

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“Empowered parents, successful parenting.”