Parents R Us: 100 Parenting Tricks For The 21st Century on Amazon Kindle 

parents r us: 100 parenting tricks for the 21 century|renny adejuwon|parenting|family|children“The author has distilled the wisdom of parenting into this book. There are so many valuable gems, my favourite is Number 20. Want to know what it is? Well, you’ll have to download the book and read it! The author is commended for sharing her written work with the world.” Amazon Review

“it’s a great read…very easy and fantastic read…I gave my daughter chores…your book did it.”Mum

“I for one learnt about apologising to my children from the book.” Mum

“Parenting is about creativity, thinking outside the box, reading between the lines and listening to the unsaid words of children. Sometime you get it right and other times the wrong decisions are taken. To most of us, being parents just happened but it must be said that even the best of us need help when it comes to the never-ending road of parenting. It’s a never-ending road because the aim is to see our children grow as we grow older.” Renny Adejuwon