5 Things A Woman Should Do While Having Children

1. Learn to Drive

Especially in a cosmopolitan town/city with inadequate public transportation. I believe women that have children and do not drive have extra special powers. For a woman with young children, driving is a necessity and not a luxury.

2. Be Economically Viable

Great that maternity leave payment, zero or work contract hours, and in some cases, government supported payment can help support women financially. Learning a skill or trade can contribute to keeping the cash flow coming in. There is always something to buy when you are out with your child or yourself. The internet is full of cash flow opportunities for women, however, ensure it is a genuine stream of income. It can be time to sharpen that passion or skill you have and make it financially viable.

3. Develop Professionally

This is called CPD, continuing professional development. When the child/ren are all of school age, what happens to you professionally? It is never too late to continue or start a new profession.

4. Positive Mind Feeding

Women tend to have low self-esteem, depression or psychosis during this period. Reading a book can help elevate this. Romantic or motivational books are suggestions as it feeds emotion positively and helps release feel good hormones. Also doing something you enjoy or a challenging task, when accomplished, can contribute to release these positive hormones.

5. Liaise with Professionals

Majority of professionals working with a woman while raising children are there to help and offer positive support to the family. Use these professionals to your advantage. We are glad for the World Wide Web but these individuals have gone through rigorous educational process and have hands on experiences that can be taped into to benefit you and your family.

Is Home Schooling an Option?

It has been said that home schooling gives parents more control over the influences that affect their children. With home schooling, a parent alone can decide what the child needs to do or learn. Tailoring the teaching program to suit the lifestyle, needs and interests of the child are among the most obvious options for home schooling. A child that is home schooled has the benefit of focusing more hours to the subject that may be difficult without additional pressure. Learning time is spread out based on the needs, abilities and interests of the child. The child receives more quality time in a familiar and homely environment, free from peer pressure and making choices and decisions based on needs.

Competition is great for children, but when it comes to home schooling, this is limited or does not occur. This is also the case of interaction with peer groups. When it comes to teaching style, home schooling is very one way centred. Teaching is always focused on how children learn best, which can be great. However, it reduces the child’s ability to process information in different ways that the child is not used to. A child that learns through moving objects or kinesthetic may find it challenging processing information that may include discussion or social activity.

home schooling| rent adejuwonWhen children are home schooled it allows parents the control over the moral, beliefs and ideologies instilled in their child. From a parent’s standpoint, this ensures there is no confusion in the child’s mind and no variation between what is being taught and what is being practised.

Schools are an excellent environment for children to develop different views, interact and learn something different outside their circle. However, parents that opt for home schooling are disillusioned with the system. They believe that children are being pushed too hard or too little. However, when children are in an excellent school system, they are welcome to try different experiences, activities, discipline and ethics.

There are pros and cons of homeschooling your child. Is it an option? Yes, it is if you have the time, lifestyle, finances, ability and interest to follow through with the education. After all, nobody can understand or appreciate your child as much as you.

“Curiosity Does Not Kill The Cat”

It’s being said that “curiosity kills the cat”, which in other term means you should not get involved in what is not your business or not touch what you are not meant to touch (as with children). However, curiosity did not kill the cat when Humphry Davy started the process of the creating the light bulb that only took Thomas Edison 10,000, 000 attempts in getting it right or John Peake Knight inventing the traffic light. It was curiosity that made Alfred Nobel invented dynamite, which can be debated if this actually killed the cat or not.

In this respect, curiosity enhances creativity and imagination in children. Willard Wigan, the famous miniature artist once said it was his mother’s encouragement to stay curios that encouraged him to creating miniature art work that now earn him millions of ££££££. I came across the story of Mayhem on facebook and was so inspired by what a mum is able to do with her daughter’s curiosity. In her case, curiosity did not kill the cat but rather developed into this playful high fashion creativity (well done Mayhem mum).

Curiosity does not kill the cat when children and teenagers creative ideas are being feed and developed by positive adults. However, curiosity can kill the cat when creativity is not channelled the right way or falls into the wrong hands.

This topic was inspired by ….

Keep being curious, refusing to be put in a box.

Kids Creative Art


creative art

As a child, I remember taking part in arts and crafts both at home and in school. I learnt how to sow buttons unto material, make scarf through knitting and make beads, and bangles through recycled materials. These skills stayed with me and I have never forgotten them.
Craft has been useful to me as a parent in situations when a bottom or two on my children’s clothing had needed repair.

Arts and crafts are very good skills for children. It helps them develop a life skill that is practical and creative. It helps by boosting kids self-esteem in seeing what they have created or made come alive and into form. Not all children are academic due to having more creative and artistic skills. It is the parent or careers responsibility to encourage these skills in the child ensuring he/she fell valued as a creative person. Arts and crafts can also contribute positively in enhancing parent-child relationship. Parents coming together with their children in making creative items and objects enhances relationship and memories that can not be forgotten.

Do some arts and crafts with your child today and see the results. Watch out for our shop page coming soon, which will have lots of kids arts and crafts items.