5 Things A Woman Should Do While Having Children

1. Learn to Drive

Especially in a cosmopolitan town/city with inadequate public transportation. I believe women that have children and do not drive have extra special powers. For a woman with young children, driving is a necessity and not a luxury.

2. Be Economically Viable

Great that maternity leave payment, zero or work contract hours, and in some cases, government supported payment can help support women financially. Learning a skill or trade can contribute to keeping the cash flow coming in. There is always something to buy when you are out with your child or yourself. The internet is full of cash flow opportunities for women, however, ensure it is a genuine stream of income. It can be time to sharpen that passion or skill you have and make it financially viable.

3. Develop Professionally

This is called CPD, continuing professional development. When the child/ren are all of school age, what happens to you professionally? It is never too late to continue or start a new profession.

4. Positive Mind Feeding

Women tend to have low self-esteem, depression or psychosis during this period. Reading a book can help elevate this. Romantic or motivational books are suggestions as it feeds emotion positively and helps release feel good hormones. Also doing something you enjoy or a challenging task, when accomplished, can contribute to release these positive hormones.

5. Liaise with Professionals

Majority of professionals working with a woman while raising children are there to help and offer positive support to the family. Use these professionals to your advantage. We are glad for the World Wide Web but these individuals have gone through rigorous educational process and have hands on experiences that can be taped into to benefit you and your family.

SOS Childcare

Due to some of the childcare service Eden Mobile Creche provides, mobile creche and hotel babysitting, there has been several times friends, families and clients have contacted me for short term childcare. However, you might say this should not be news as of cause, Eden Mobile Crèche is there for short term and emergency childcare. This however is a complete different type of emergency childcare. The conversation tends to be:

” I have to travel and be at a meeting but I need some one to be at my house for 7 am when am leaving.”

“My shift at work has changed for the week so I need someone to pick my children from school, until late into the night.”

“I need to travel for a short period but I do not want to take  my kids with me.” sos

These are examples of parents, especially mothers, needing short term childcare. I call it Save Mummy’s Soul childcare service. As with myself, there are times when parents need immediate or emergency childcare needs for occasions that have to be attended to urgently. Here are my suggestions:

  • Look for a local child minders:  Contacting your local family information service is the best way of finding a child-minder within your location. On contacting them, you are sent a comprehensive list of the local childminders in your area (this can also be seen on OFSTED when you type in your postcode). It is important to remember this is short term, so if no available space within your immediate area be ready to expand the search to about 10 miles of your locality. Some child-minders offer night or sleep-in childcare service.
  • Speak to your immediate network of childcare practitioners: If your child already attends a nursery, pre-school or school, you can ask one of the staff you are close to and your child relates to the most. This seem to work with must parents. This will save you time on background checks has contact is already established, but it is still advised to ask to see documents such as DBS (formally known as CRB).
  • Ask a close family member: This might be the obvious choice but it is always good to ask. Although you might say it’s my mum, dad, sister, brother or friend, it is still courtesy to ask them first of their availability before mentioning the situation.
  • Contact a childcare service company: If you are a parent that is good at planning ahead (some of us are not) then you can contact childcare companies such as Eden Mobile Creche or childcare web data base such as Find-a-babysitter.