Why M.O.T.H.E.R’s Day?

A day set aside to celebrate women becoming a mother either through childbirth or adoption is a day not to be taken lightly. Not all female choose to become a mother. Some not by choice while other choose not to be and who are we to judge.

www.rennyadejuwon.comBeing a mother is not an easy task as the onus falls on her to have the responsibility of the child, in her care, for the rest of her life. The burden falls on her firstly, because of the biological attachment to the child for nine months. A fetus is growing in her and developing from egg to a full grown human baby. The female then goes through the pushing out of this full grown baby through a path way that is had to believe such will come out. During this process, the opportunity of being called a mother can be short lived, labelled or realised. It depends on the result gotten from seconds, minutes or hours of child birth either through still birth, losing the child; a special or learning difficulty need; or a healthy baby. She becomes responsible for this child, for the rest of her life. With the title, responsibilities such as:

Maintaining: the child in your care is part of being a mother. Maintain means to keep in the right condition, keep in existence, not letting the child become less of the person they are to become and up keep in different areas of your child’s life. A mother maintaining her child might mean, if she has a husband, to stop working or reduce her working hours. If she does not have a husband, take on more extra work or hours to maintain her children.

Organising: mother are always organising their children be it for school, weddings, parties, play, homework, family outing, play date, family reunions, etc. Having an organisation skill comes naturally for a mother. In most cases, without organisation there is chaos. For most mother, even in the chaos, they seem to know what is going on and how to manage the situation.

Teaching/Training: which mother does not teach her child because every mother teaches her child. Children learn from their parents, and most epically, when they spend more time with mother, they learn from her. A mother is there to pass on wisdom, knowledge, ideas, skills and abilities to her child. This can either be for good or for bad, which is down to the mother’s choice, most importantly as long as she is teaching her child. Not wanting to say 100% but when children are asked who taught them certain things, the response is “my mum”.

Homely: being homely is being welcoming, hospitable or hostly. Most children look forward to having their mother at home. Children know and identify that mothers are more lenient than father and it not because they choose to but because they are emotional beings. In most cases, biology will have mother cry over their children and attachment theorist such as Freud, Vygotsky and Piaget put the mother as the centre piece of child developmental theories.

Encouraging: mother’s do not like their children being perceived as unhappy, so what do they do. They encourage by supporting, being positive and building confidence. A mother will encourage her child by driving from one activity to another. In most cases, she inspires her children and coaches them to be better at the gift and talents they have. She praises her child of the good and great things s/he is doing and always want the best for her child.

Resting/Reassuring: which child does not like to rest on the bosom of his/her mother. This provides a soothing, calming and comfortable balance for the child. Showing to the child that, ‘thou I may tell you off or correct you or do not accept some behaviour you may display,’ I love you.

So why MOTHER’s day? Mothers that have harmed their children are viewed as ‘out of the norm’ or psychotic. Regardless of it being your choice or not, how you became or did not become a mother, every female creature has the tendency to be a mother, and so you are one.

I Am A Good Mum

Am a good mum when I ask you to make friends but

Am a great mum when I tell you bullying is not allowed in friendship.

Am a good mum when a say be friendly but

Am a great mum to say choose friend that will influence you the right way.

Am a good mum when I allow you  go out with your friends but

Am a great mum when I expect you at a certain time, to keep you safe.

Am a good mum when I allow you play as much as you want but

Am a great mum when I allow you time to focus on your education.

Am a good mum when I allow you to watch TV but

Am a great mum when I allow you read books for imagination sake.

Am a good mum when I say it OK to share with others but

Am a great mum when I say do not take what is not yours.

Am a good mum when I say you have all the time but

Am a great mum when I say you need to manage your time.

Am a good mum when I say you can express yourself and be yourself but

Am a great mum when I say think about how your actions affect others.

Am a good mum when I say you can talk all you can but

Am a great mum when I say mind the words that come out of your mouth.

Am a good mum when I correct your wrong doings but

Am a great mum when are tell you some behaviours are not acceptable.

Am a good mum when I accept your right stance but

Am a great mum when I tell you a wrong stance has been taken.

Am a good mum when I accept your truth but

Am a great mum when I also question some of your truth.

Am a good mum when I listen to you but

Am a great mum when I tell you how I feel.

Am a good mum when I encourage you to make things but

Am a great mum when I tell you destroying things is not acceptable.

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Parenting, Looting and Riot

As the climate continues about parenting and the current 2011 London riot, it is very difficult not to write about parenting skills, confidence and self-esteem. It is a common fact that every animal has the nurture and natural skills needed in raising young ones. Birds, turtle, penguins, whales and many more animals raise their infant in the natural way that their understanding seem to permit. When there is influence on parenting and parents are controlled or their hands are tied on how to raise their children, things like the 2011 London riot take place.

Of cause it is a known fact that some parents may need guidelines on parenting and raising up young children; However, it is important to identify that only positive support from competent professionals and not the influencing, telling or controlling of parents behaviour with their children will make the difference. Positive parenting should be praised, which include guidelines, boundaries, punishment and praise for children; however were necessary, constructive support should be giving to parents that may need help. In most cases, children need more guidelines than parents and it is important for the government to get the balance right. Protecting children is very important but it is important that parents do not get too scared in telling their children off. If the balance is not right, another riot involving children and teens will take place over and over again.