Renny Adejuwon, an experienced professional educator. Among the many things she does are included business consultancy and training services. She is passionate about children and families, and have worked with a countless number of children, parents and professionals over the years.

A genuine enthusiasm to connect with her clients is what makes Renny stand out. She has the renny Adejuwoninnate ability to understand a child or parent’s needs because she does not just watch, she becomes actively involved. Renny develops essential insight into the child’s world; using a child’s imagination to create the perfect space and environment for them. With her professional trait, she gains parent’s trust by working in partnership with them, helping them become more confident in their guardianship roles. This ensures a better quality of family life and an atmosphere where parent and child relationships thrive. Her book Parents R Us: 100 parenting tricks for the 21st century helps to show this. Renny Adejuwon identify’s that parent and the family is the foundational basis of a child’s life. With her thought-provoking techniques, she challenges the parenting psyche to have a more in-depth understanding of child development. Renny promotes that the line of communication between parent/child should always be open and enhanced for a better quality of family life, environment and experiences for children.

It is her goal to support professionals, companies and organisations improve their children, family and practitioner services. Her techniques are innovative, hands-on, and focused on education. She motivates others with her positive enthusiasm and regularly achieves a higher level of success, and has been a speaker on several professional platforms.

Renny holds BSc. Psychology, MSc. Applied Child Psychology and QTLS. She is the co-founder of Eden Mobile Creche, which specialises in various and extensive professional childcare services, a non-executive director of OMDG, and founder of brand DandD Boy’s Shoes–a division of Eden Mobile Creche. Due to her dedication and outstanding performance, Renny was a nominee for The Wise Women-Woman in Business Award and The National Diversity Entrepreneurial of Excellence Award for Gender. When not participating in different ventures, Renny carries out her motherly duties to her three children, enjoys exercise, reading, documentaries and travelling. She held a trustee position within a UK national children charity and continues to be volunteer in different charities.