Successful Children’s Club

It comes easy talking with children when compared to adults. There is always some thing to say, and can talk with them continuously without interferance. Communicating and talking with children does not come naturally to everyone. As children grow and develop, parents get to learn this over the years. While majority master this artistry others successful children's club | renny adejuwonbecome estranged from their children.

Successful Children’s Club aims at talking with children at their level. Breaking down everyday life and questions to simpler language that will help children understand about the world around them. Are questions based on sex education, puberty, the environment, politics, money, identity, belonging, friendship, rules, society, discipline, religion, faith, growing up or how did the chicken cross the road? I will be there to talk and discuss these questions with children.

Successful Children’s Club is aimed at children aged five to twelve years old (5-12 years old). However, the world is growing so fast and so are children, mature children below the age of five years are also welcome.

‘Talking directly with children, our future’ ©